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Commando Surf Bonus

ET is honored to be part of the unique Commando Surf bonus structure. While surfing the core Commando sites; Traffic Splash, Tezak Traffic Power and Dragon Surf, simply add ET to the mix and pick up a cool bonus of at least 10% credits for every click. Get complete details at TE Command Post, where you command your Traffic Exchange Credits.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is imperative to a successful online marketing career and ET strives to help you accomplish this task in a couple different ways with our Personal Splash and Custom Rotator.

Personal Splash

Click the Personal Splash button, upload your photo, testimonial and banner/link to your program. Promote you and your program, all while building your ET downline. As a special offering, open a support ticket and supply your personalized splash url and I will add it to the ET Personalized Splash rotator for additional advertising thoughout many traffic exchanges.

Custom Rotator

ET’s Custom Rotator allows you to upload your photo and your message and when advertising your ET Rotator, people see your picture and message. A great way to get your face and message out to everyone. The more people see you, the more they are likely to buy from you. As Power of Promoting You says, “People Buy from People”

The Custom Rotator also shows on the ET surfbar for all members of ET surfing to see and know you are advertising.

Account Cash to Upgrade or Purchase

Use your account cash to upgrade or purchase credits. Push the button of choice, click “Use Commissions” and the credits, impressions, packages and upgrades available to you based on your account cash will be displayed. Make your choice and you are done!!

ET Pro Co-op

Upgraded members reap the awards of extra exposure to personalized splashe pages loaded to Elevated Traffic with the ET Pro Co-op. Additional advertising of the ET Pro Co-op page is done at 25+ exchanges to gain extreme exposure to your sites.  Just complete your Personalized Splash and use the Ask Admin button to send me the link and it will be added to the rotation within 24 hours.

Start Page

Grab yourself a Start Page and have your page seen by every member, each time they log in to surf.

Dynamic Surfing Bonus

Increased surf ratios throughout your surfing.

Downline Builder

Some key tools to help you get started. Enter your referral ID’s and your personally referred members will become your downline in these awesome programs. New programs added periodically, so keep checking back to ensure you have your ID’s entered.

Power Surf

ET offers random Power Surf sessions.

Prize Game and Pages

Everyone Wins at ET with 100% winning prize pages, letter hunt game – lots of ways to win extra advertising.

Bonus for Active Members

Active Surfer Rewards vary day to day, so be sure to check and claim your rewards at the end of your daily surfing.


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