Who wants to play a game?

The little kid in each of us is saying ME ME ME!

So, let's play

TE Tag Zone

It is very simple, all you have to do is surf and
keep an eye out for the special prize pages.

You will find them around page 100 in all of the sites
that are involved. If you are already a member of
the next site, you simply have to put in your
username at that site. 

If you are not a member, you can join right from that page

You will automatically get a prize of
25 credits, 50 banners and 100 texts.

You then have the option to go to that site and
surf 100 pages to the next prize page.

You will get a reward of 25 credits, 50 banners, 100
texts and 5 cents after surfing about 98 pages. Just a
few more pages after that, you will find the prize page
for the next site.

You can start at any site you choose, but, to get the
reward for the first site, you will have
to make your way back to that site.

Here is the order that you will find the prize page for
the next site. Here is the order of traffic exchanges

Elevated Traffic

Click Fred Traffic

Lucid Leads

The Traffic Toolbox

TE Surf Social

Biz Klix

Traffic Speedway

eTraffic Freedom

Surf Sumo

Traffic Jam Pro

Hot Flash Hits

Cookie Jar Hits